The Map of Antarctica

Fictions for Unseen Spaces

Month: January, 2014


A nice pice I just stumbled accross


Potential band names for bands I’m never going to be in


Manatee Fair

Invaluable Gold

River Up


Lost Bitterns of South Alaska

Speaking Arabic in the South of France

Visions of Brahma

Full Tank


Project: Full Tank


Fill the car with a tank of petrol.

Set up a camera in the passenger seat to film the journey from start to finish.

Drive from London, North, as far as possible.

Diversions and digressions are encouraged around the tributaries and back-streets of other cities and towns.

At journey’s end, set fire to car.


Journey should take place at night.



A Large Painting

A large painting. Text┬áthat says – This is not how I see the world.

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