The Map of Antarctica

Fictions for Unseen Spaces

Month: August, 2013



The Map of Antarctica – Fragment

To understand the lexicon of a city you have to be in it. It is not the same to look from afar. It can only construct a reaction, an imagined place formed from a pastiche of newspapers and films. Awe, fear, and admiration. It can be a daunting environment to the newcomer but when you become more familiar with its rhythms, with its cycles and atavisms, you can find a place where you fit amongst the rubble and throb. You start to notice yourself slipping between people in the crowd, effortlessly making your way down the busy high street without colliding with anyone. A familiarity of pace and direction brings an understanding of how to move. Like a dance where everybody partakes, all races, sexes, ages, and cultures, coming together in a seamless beating rhythm. The streets flow and stutter, spit their meanings in vast invisible arcs.

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