We Laughed

by themapofantarctica

We laughed. We laughed because it was funny. We laughed because it was sad. We laughed because it helped us feel together. We laughed loud and we laughed long. We laughed with our arms outstretched and fingers pointing. We pointed at each other. We pointed at ourselves. We laughed again. We pulled faces. We pulled hair. By the end it was pulling teeth but we laughed through it all. We got more people and they laughed with us. If one person stopped, another one started. It was endless laughs. All teeth and smiles and spit. All bile and scorn. It was disgusting but we laughed. It was a comedy of errors. We were setting ourselves up for a fall. It was painful. It was gut wrenching. Noone could laugh as much as us. We unwittingly accumulated more of us. It was dubbed hysteria. We found it all hilarious. It had gone too far when it was decided that it should go further. There was nothing that could stop us. Death was conquered territory, privacy the remnant of a quip. It was vile. We all carried on laughing, purely through the fear that someone would get the last one and that it would be directed at us.