by themapofantarctica


‘He broke his jaw in a fight with an ex-boxer. Well, I say it was a fight, he actually just got beaten. And I say he was an ex-boxer, he was actually a violent man who spent most of his life fighting in bars, boxed about three times. And I say broke his jaw, and well, he really broke his jaw.’


‘The scene where they’re on the boat, at night, you know the one.’
‘Where they end up singing. ‘Show me the way to go home.”
‘Thats the one.’
‘The other bit though, where Robert Shaw is explaining his previous expeditions into shark infested waters. That is where the film is made.’
‘It’s a great scene.’
“You know a thing about a shark, he’s got lifeless eyes.’ I always remember that line.’


‘In the Bible Sampson slayed an army of a thousand men with the jawbone of an ass.

The modern world is pretty tame in comparison, if you ask me.’