A Breeze

by themapofantarctica


When the automatic door lost its automatic and turned into a door,

The rank outsiders lost their rank and emerged as odds on favourites,

As the lonesome streets cut adrift their lonesome to become a neighbourhood,

The urban fox left the city and turned into a fox.


When the promising career broke its promises and turned into a career,

The devastating blow recovered from devastation and got remembered as a blow,

As the undeniable changes were denied, and left in laboratories,

The revisionist theory revised itself into far flung myth.


When the singing birds lost their voice and silence was the chorus,

The main roads were removed from the mains and left to be roads,

As unpredictable occurrences were monitored and cohered into pattern,

The invaluable got valued and sold off for nothing.


When the special effects failed to be special so all that remained were effects,

The uncontrollable urge anchored itself into nothing more than a wish,

As the sinking feeling lost its feeling and turned into a sink,

The deepest sea was drained until there was nothing more to see.


When the wild frontiers were tamed and reduced to urban skylines,

The hard shoulder softened into something to lean on,

As the free world was split by opinion and left to be free,

Lifes driving wind hit the brakes,

and from then on everything was a breeze.